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Property Management

Entrust Best Location Realty with all of your property management needs in a comprehensive property management package tailored to each clients level of needs.

Services offered:

First and foremost is sitting down with the property owner to gather an idea of what scope of needs this specific property has. Scope of services BLR offers include in order:

Pre Steps:

- Reviewing clients needs and expectations before signing property management contract, this is to include setting an appropriate expected rental value and property management fee based upon property and clients needs.

- Owner and BLR will set and agree to property management fees and review contract for full scope of management, costs and expectations to be signed and notarized prior to commencment of services

Step 1: Agreeing Upon Rental Cost

- Set an agreed upon rent that reflects current real estate market, property condition, and value

- Property will be inspected prior to obtaining new tenants

- BLR will advertise property as well as investigate potential tenants background, job security, and ensure quality tenants are obtained for property owner

Step 2: Setting Up Bill Payments and Rental Payments

- BLR will be responsible for obtaining payments for security deposit and rent from customer. If customer prefers rent can be paid directly to landlord

- Depending on scope requested by property owner BLR offers comprehensive bill management for all utilities and grounds maintenance on property

- All bills will have agreed upon standards

Step 3: Accounting

- Accounting services are provided with detailed tracking of all rent, property bills, maintenance and fees incurred for property owners situational awareness

Step 4:  Leasing/Rental Agreement

- Once a suitable tenant is agreed upon by both parties a rental agreement that has been drafted and reviewed by both BLR and property owner will be given to potential tenant to be signed and notarized

- Length of stay, tenant requirements, and property owners expectations will be incorporated in custom rental/lease agreement

Step 5: Security Deposit

- Prior to keys being given to tenant and after signed contract tenant will need to provide security deposit and first  months rent

- Security deposit can be held by either BLR or property owner as deliniated in initial property management agreement

Step 6: Inspections of Property

- Property management will regularly monitor property for any property issues and needs to include grounds maintenance, plumbing issues, and to ensure tenant is abiding by rules and regulations

- Security cameras will be installed at all exists of property for both tenants safety and property management

Step 7: Repair and Mainetance Services

- As needed property manager will be primary point of contact for any and all tenant concerns and repair needs

- Any issues under $50BBD will be handled immediately and property owner will be notified, any repairs at a greater cost property owner will need verbal or written consent prior to commencement of work

Step 8: Propert Management

- As a comprehensive company BLR offers flexibility in scope of management and should property owner's needs change or evolve during contract BLR will work diligently to accommodate both the client as well as be a liason between the property owner and tenants.

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