Long Term Rentals

Trust Best Location Realty with all of your long term rental needs whether you are a tenant seeking a long term rental dream property or a landlord seeking the best tenant and value for their property. Comprehensive property management services are also available for property owners seeking a longer term management solution.

Potential Renters

First and foremost is meeting with potential customer to define property requirements to meet clients needs. Items to be discussed at initial meeting can include but are not limited to:

- Budget

- Desired Location or areas of interest

- Number of bedrooms

- Number of bathrooms

- Type of property desired (apartment, condo, single family home, commercial property, land etc)

- Utilities seeking to be included

Once parameters are agreed to BLR will begin sending potential properties that meet clients needs. BLR will assist renter with directly contacting properties and arranging for viewing of properties that meet clients needs and interests. Once a desired property is identified and an offer is ready BLR will negotiate upon the clients behalf to obtain the best rental price and ensure that the rental agreement meets client's expectations prior to signing rental agreement and obtaining keys. 

Property Owners

As previously stated BLR provides services from merely obtaining a tenant for a property owner (usual fee is BLR will obtain 1 months rental value or keep security deposit) or full property management service discussed in detail on property management page prices vary based on needs. The below list of services is offered to all long term property owners

Initial meeting:

-Discuss scope of property owner needs with regards to obtaining a long term suitable tenant.

-Review any existing rental agreement (if a rental agreement does not exist property owner and BLR will sit down to define and create)

-BLR will inspect property to ensure future tenants satisfaction as well as aprise owner of any potential issues

Rental Cost:

- Set an agreed upon rent that reflects current real estate market, property condition, and value

- Property will be inspected prior to obtaining new tenants

- BLR will advertise property

- Any potential tenants background, job security, and ensure quality tenants are obtained for property owner prior to walk through

Leasing/Rental Agreement

- Once a suitable tenant is agreed upon by both parties a rental agreement that has been drafted and reviewed by both BLR and property owner will be given to potential tenant to be signed and notarized

- Length of stay, tenant requirements, and property owners expectations will be incorporated in custom rental/lease agreement

Security Deposit

- Prior to keys being given to tenant and after signed contract tenant will need to provide security deposit and first  months rent

- Security deposit can be held by either BLR or property owner as deliniated in initial property management agreement


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